10 Great Gardening Websites You Must Read : TreeHugger

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The Internet is chock-full of websites about gardening that you can turn to if you’re looking for garden inspiration or a solution to a problem you’re having with your plants.

2 Chiot’s Run

Chiot’s Run, named after the family’s dog, is a garden journal of a small organic garden in north eastern Ohio. Big, beautiful pictures about everything the gardener grows, from succulents to vegetables and herbs.

3. Royal Horticultural Society

The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity whose purpose is to promote horticulture and gardening. While aimed at gardeners in the UK the site offers blogs and forums, articles, and an amazing database of plants that any gardener can take advantage of.

4. You Grow Girl

Before garden blogs were even a thing author Gayla Trail blogged about her gardening pursuits. You Grow Girl recently downsized and removed the forums, but the blog the forums were built around is as strong as ever. You’ll find unusual plants, recipes, beautiful pictures, and gardening tips.

5. Skippy’s Vegetable Garden

Another garden blog named after a dog. I’ve been following Skippy’s Vegetable Garden for years simply with the intent of creating a similar garden in my own tools for gardening yard.

This one features a small vegetable near Boston that always amazes me. It goes to show you that no matter the size of your yard you can grow a vegetable garden.

6. Mustard Plaster

One of my favorite garden blogs to see in my RSS reader. Mustard Plaster is better described tools for gardening as a museum of gardening curiosities with even stranger harvests of root crops, tomatoes and peppers from the blogger’s south east London garden.

7. Plants are the Strangest People

A humorously written blog about houseplants, their selection and care. Plants are the Strangest People chronicles the houseplant collection (with tools for gardening lots of detail) of one obsessive houseplant grower in Iowa.

8. Bifurcated Carrots

An American couple living in the Netherlands chronicles their vegetable garden. Bifurcated Carrots is a blog for serious seed reading, politics that affect food systems, and discovering heirlooms.

9. Extension

Managed and maintained by the University of Illinois, Extension offers knowledge-based information on various topics by a collection of knowledgeable experts from a network of American universities. You’ll find information on any garden-related topic you’re interested in.

10. Tiny Farm Blog

Pretty much what the title of the promises. A daily photo journal of an organic micro-farm. If you’ve ever dreamt of dropping out and starting a small farm with zero knowledge of farming, Tiny Farm Blog will enable that dream of yours.

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